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With thousands of profiles to search from, Asiame is responsible for thousands of successful matches. We have been continuously receiving letters from our members as ways to express their gratitude and contentment, as well as to tell us how happy their life is. The comments listed on this page are only some of them.

Also, we have created a section dedicated to Asiame members who have blissfully tied their knots. You are warmly invited to give your best wishes to these happy Married Couples!

  • You have saved my life
    All of my life, I had been alone and I had never felt loved before. I had everything that I needed: wealth, security, a good future, a career, a great home, and everything else needed to live happy. However, I had no one else to share it with. Besides just having to live a good life that I earned, I had always ask God for someone. Someone who be more than everything else that I had. Someone greater than the world to me. I had never done anything wrong or bad for God not to deny this request.

    One day, I stumbled along a website called "". As I looked through, I found a lady more beautiful than anything that I could imagine. She was perfect for me in every way. And as perfect as this sounds, I thought that there would be some sort of "catch" or "drawback" or something... And the outcome was NO. There were no "catch" or "drawback". The most prettiest girl that I ever saw came from your agency without any problems! I can gladly say that God send me the perfect Angel to be my wife. It seems like it was more than perfection that this beautiful angel came to me without problems along the way.

    All of this happened because of your agency. Therefore, you take all of the credit that I could ever give for bringing Niu Mengmeng into my life. The letters that you translated were great and I loved them. I still kept all of them today as a remainder of your work and our love.

    Communication altogether between you (the agency), the lady (Niu Mengmeng), and myself were outstanding. We kept communicating great all of the time and it felt like she was here with me, talking to me. We will never forget that it was your agency that saved us and brought us together to live in true happiness.

    When I visited Niu Mengmeng and the agency, I can gladly say that the trip was the best that I ever had. There were no bad surprises nor problems with communicating. Mengmeng was truly stated as the website and your letters shown.

    No other agency in the world could ever earn such credit that yours had already done for us. You will also be remembered as the messengers of God that I prayed for this exact reason.

    Thank You for all of the hard work and Fang for her great services.


    Christian Hernandez

    Niu Mengmeng and I can now live in True Happiness

    -Member ID: CM1078752, Louisiana, United States
    Matrimony ID:SC3682 From
  • I want to thank you so much for all your help during the first stage of my relationship with Sissy .
    This is a message to the Agent Translator:

    I want to thank you so much for all your help during the first stage of my relationship with Sissy . I know that without Chnlove and yourselves Sissy and I would never have the chance of falling in love and getting married.

    We are now in a position where therei s enough trust and communications skills to progress our relationship directly and so I just want to san thank you.

    I have some credits left and I hope I don't need them. But I guess they are therejust in case it doesn't in fact work out between Sissy and me.

    Your sincerely

    Jerry Kochanski

    -Member ID: CM333760, West Midlands, United Kingdom
    Matrimony ID:SC3667 From
  • I'd like to thank you and all your colleague.
    Dear Xiaomei, Sunny,

    Firstly, I'd like to thank you and all your colleague. Andy left this morning and he said he would like to come to your office and give his sincere thanks to all of you. He felt good for our meeting this time.
    We spent the weekends together and did have a very pleasant time. We went to Zhongshan Memorial Hall and Yue Xiu Park and took many photos together.
    He is a very active, intelligent and romantic person. He promised to come back in July and see me again! Here we would like to thank you again for all your help.
    Best widhes for you!

    Profile ID: P688071, Guangdong, China
    Matrimony ID:SC3666 From
  • You helped us get started
    My name is Max. My new wife is named Shirley. Thank you to all of the stuff for helping the two of us meet each other. We plan to have a long happy life together. You helped us get started.
    Thank you!
    - Member ID: CM591013, FL, United States

    Thanks Ms Zhang and the stuff in Oriental Love for what they have done for me to meet and marry Max.
    Always grateful!
    -Prifile ID: P509539, Hubei, China
    Matrimony ID:SC3665 From
  • We can not be more happier than now.
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    To Chnlove
    The agency in Wuhan
    I wish to thank you for making it possible for me to meet my lovely wife Chunfeng and making it easy to get to know her with your excllent translation of my letters and hers. When I came over to Wuhan to meet her for the first time, I was meeted at the airport by Chunfeng and her interpreter who welcome me to China and made it very easy to be so fine from home.
    Terry Fraser
    - Member ID: CM646093, New South Wales, Australia

    I am Chunfeng, I am writing this letter to thank Wuhan Oriental Love for providing us a chance to meet at Chnlove and helping me find a sincere and down-to-earth husband. And also many thanks for Ma Bian and the translator Ms Huang, Ms Gui. We can not be more happier than now. Thanks again.
    - Profile ID: P509511, Hubei, China
    Matrimony ID:SC3664 From
  • I want to thanks Chnlove agency P509
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    Hei, here is Leif from Denmark, I want to thanks Chnlove agency P509 for all help they have given me and MingZhi to get married in Wuhan 05-20.
    I know this agency since 2009-11-17 and everyday they have translated my letter and give them to Mingzhi.
    Thanks Bian and Jane from agency P509 for help us.

    Thanks Ms Bian and Ms Huang for helping me find my Mr Right and my happiness.

    - Member ID: CM999247, Sønderjylland, Denmark
    - Profile ID: P509636, Hubei, China
    Matrimony ID:SC3663 From