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With thousands of profiles to search from, Asiame is responsible for thousands of successful matches. We have been continuously receiving letters from our members as ways to express their gratitude and contentment, as well as to tell us how happy their life is. The comments listed on this page are only some of them.

Also, we have created a section dedicated to Asiame members who have blissfully tied their knots. You are warmly invited to give your best wishes to these happy Married Couples!

  • Thank you so much for your help
    Thank you so much for your help. I'm very satisfied with your service. It was your company that made my searching for love much easier. and I want to recommend your company to others. I want to thank Chnlove at the same time. Many thanks!

    ---profile ID: P256876, Fushun, Liaoning,China
    Matrimony ID:SC3756 From
  • I and Susan thank you so much for such dedication and everything form our heart.
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    James and Susan Lowery would like to express our sincere thanks and gratitude for all the work and dedication that you have given Susan and I though our most challenging time, we could not have met (or) became such a true loving couple and true soul mate and husband and wife in true happiness for lasting life (without you).

    We would like to especially thank, Vicky and the whole staff and team for all their 100% true support in every step of the way from the translation to my and Susan actual meeting, from the travel arrangement to our wedding day. The help and support in the letter and document that we could take care of all things and to be together and share our love to each other. I and Susan thank you so much for such dedication and everything form our heart. For without your support, we could not have been so happy and together in true love.

    Thank you Chnlove and Vicky.

    -Member ID:CM1191568, Arkansas, United States
    Matrimony ID:SC3726 From
  • I cannot find the words to thank you for all you have done
    I cannot find the words to thank you for all you have done for Carol and myself. Especially during I arrived in Shenyang on May 11. We are very much in love but when we have a problem because of the language barrier you are true to assist us day or night.

    I will remember you all coming to the airport to pick me up. It was one of the most wonderful experience of my life. .. Your company is honest... Vicky has helped us a lot and i will never forget her caring ways. I will continue to use this to stay in touch with my wife carol.

    Any western or American man looking for a Chinese lady can count on your company to its honest and help him find a wonderful caring and loving wife.

    - Member ID: CM34433602, Washington, United States
    Matrimony ID:SC3725 From
  • I'm very very satisfied.
    I'm Morten Top. I come to China to meet the lady P815033. I had a good time in China with the help of the agency. I was serviced by Mr. Perter hao and I'm very very satisfied. He helped me a lot.

    --Member ID: CM90540708, Bornholm, Denmark

    I'm very satisfied with the translation and service of your company. I hope I can introduce more members to join your company. Chnlove is great and the agecy is also great.

    --Profile ID: P815033, Shenzhen, Guangdong, China

    Matrimony ID:SC3759 From
  • You have helped me find my love.
    Many thanks for the agency. You have helped me find my love.

    After I submit my profile on this site, the agency helped me translate the letters and arrange the meeting. Though my English was not good and could not communicate with the gentleman at that time, the staff at the agency provided us with warm and helpful services.

    Now my boyfriend Gary and I decide to get married this year. I just wanna thank you for everything you did for us.

    - Profile ID: P798028, Sichuan, China
    Matrimony ID:SC3724 From
  • I would strongly recommend Nancy and her agency
    At this relatively early stage in my beautiful relations ship with my darling Lili, with wom l am corresponding and who l have met for the first time in Chengdu on the 29th April, l wouold just like t express my sicere gratitude to ouur traslater nancy from Wuhan, who not ony provides an excellent transaltions ervice, but upon meeting her in Chengdu to assist us with our first meeting she was the most lovely and caring person, l felt completely at ease in her company and have every confidence in her professional ability, and l look forward to my ultiamte \"big day\" when Lili and l will marry and Nancy will be present to share our joyous occasion.

    I would strongly recommend Nancy and her agency to any person considering using the Chn.Love web site and they are more than welcome to contact me directly through the site for a personal endorsement.

    - Member ID:CM1299654, Somerset, United Kingdom
    Matrimony ID:SC3766 From