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With thousands of profiles to search from, Asiame is responsible for thousands of successful matches. We have been continuously receiving letters from our members as ways to express their gratitude and contentment, as well as to tell us how happy their life is. The comments listed on this page are only some of them.

Also, we have created a section dedicated to Asiame members who have blissfully tied their knots. You are warmly invited to give your best wishes to these happy Married Couples!

  • It is my good fortune to have used the agency
    It is my good fortune to have used the agency. Thanks to Mr. Romain and his fabulous, highly professional team! I felt like in circle of family. Thank you again, you are the best!

    My trip could easily had been a disaster but the agency came to my rescue. They provided guidance, advice, support and translation with me in every way. They helped with the arrangement of my accommodations and made a much better choice than I ever could.

    They were available for me whenever I called without hesitation. Words cannot adequately describe how valuable, proficient, reliable and indispensable they were. Because of their efficient work, I am be able to find my Miss Right --lucy and got married with her smoothly. Thank you very much for your superior service and for being the excellent people you are.
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  • The success depends heavily on the lady herself and how she interacts with the gentleman
    To be honest, I hesitated for a long time before finally decided to sign up at the agency and looked for my love from overseas. Before becoming a member, I made several calls just to find out more information, because I was still doubtful. I read all kinds of reviews online and listened to friends talk about their great experiences living abroad. But my resources were limited and I didn't know which agency to sign up at and I did not dare to lightly sign a service contract agreement because I had heard some of the agencies are not good. So I hesitated back and forth like this for half a year, but in the end I mustered up the courage and decided to come visit your agency in Beijing. Seeing is believing, and I figured that an on-site inspection would be more reliable than just hearing what people said. I was greeted by Wu, who spoke with me for a while and made me feel very reassured and confident.

    Mr. Wu is a very grounded and frank person who says what is on his mind. He told me, if you decide to go through with this you need to be prepared as well because the rate of success is not 100%. It's a kind of investment and with it comes risks. If you choose to use the agency's services, everyone will work hard toward the goal of success, but every gentleman's profile is available to the whole agency network and he has a lot of choices, therefore success will come 99% from hard work and only 1% of luck. Also, there are a lot of factors out of your control, like the gentleman's photos in the network are often bad quality, does he feel a spark during the correspondence, is there chemistry when you meet face-to-face. You also have to accurately describe yourself and what qualities you're looking for in a gentleman. At every stage in the process, the success depends heavily on the lady herself and how she interacts with the gentleman.

    I thought I should make this choice like an investment, even if there is only 1% chance of success, so long as you pursue it then there is hope, but if you don't then there is no chance at all. Everybody knows there is no free lunch in life, so I should work hard to find happiness, opportunities must be created by myself.

    With the guidance of Mr. Wu, I completed the application procedure, submitted my materials and photos. Luckily, after being a member for 3 days, the translator forwarded a letter to my email box. As more and more letters began to come in, I started to meet with some of the gentlemen. After talking to several gentlemen without much chemistry, I met Bjorn. Out of all the gentlemen I met, he was the most charming. Older than me by several years, he looked every bit a mature gentleman and his humorous personality gave me a sense of safety and security. I was attracted to everything about him, and I will never forget how he was always so attentive to me, taking care of every detail when we were together, whcih I had never experienced before. He was even more cautious about marriage than I was, and we didn't get married after just one meeting. He came to China 4 separate times to spend more time with me. He said that was the best way for us to understand each other more deeply.

    In December 2011, he came to Beijing for the 5th time, this time with a diamond engagement ring! He proposed to me in front of all my family and I finally married him! The moment when we received our marriage certificate, I think I am the luckiest and happiest woman in the world.
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  • Sincerely thanks the company
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    I am so lucky and very happy to be helped by the company. The company did the wonderful arrangement and helped me to meet my new friend Mr. Eddie face to face in very happy and warm atmosphere during the meeting. I do think the company will be able to help more people and bring them more joy and happiness in their lives. Sincerely thank you for your company helping.

    Kinh chao
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  •  I am so lucky to marry such a beautiful woman
    The very first time I found her profile on the Chnlove site, a thought just came into my mind that she is the one who I am seeking all the time. No more hesitation, I sent her a cupid note, and anxiously waiting. Reply did come back so quickly, with things go smoothly, we chatted over livechat everyday!

    As time flied, we did feel a lot with each other, then we started talking over phone. She surprised me totally, that she can speak fluent English. Our things go well. Finally we decide to meet in China after a few months. When we met, feelings we had for each other kept us very close, and then we decide to marry.

    We are now living together in states, I am so lucky to marry such a beautiful woman. Thanks to her, my life is meaningful .

    I appreciate Chnlove and the Feelmore company very much, Thank you!

    Sincere Glenn Beasley
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  • I send you my best wishes from Canada
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    I send you my best wishes from Canada! Time goes so fast, it feels like the blink of an eye, but I have been living in Canada for already 4 years. I have totally adjusted to life here. My husband Alan and I are living a very happy and cosy life here. All thanks to your agency's help! Every time I think about how happy I am, I think about everything you did for us. You helped me find my husband, you helped to guide our relationship, you helped to plan our wedding, you helped my apply for a visa. Though there is no way to express my gratitude in words, I still wanted to tell you how grateful I am.

    Today I will still remember every detail and my heart will still be thankful. I went back to China last year to visit friends and family, and I really wanted to fly to Shenyang to visit you as well. But as my trip was so short and rushed, I only stayed in Changchun for a couple of days. Now I'm learning about business with Alan, and my trip to Changchun was also in preparation to do a business venture. So, I'm sorry that I couldn't say "thank you" in person.

    If you have the chance in the future, I welcome you to be a guest in our home in Canada! You are all my friends and I look forward to seeing you again. I know, even at this very moment, you are helping other ladies just like me who want to find their prince charming and start a new and happy married life. Your kind hearts and helpful deeds will surely touch many lives! I also want to follow your example and help even more people. I will give back and make the happiness of all the loved ones around me the cornerstone of my own happiness.

    As I reflect on my life, I find that my time now is full of happiness. I like the person who I have become, like a fine wine that gets better with age. I am more self-confident and more independent than before. In the words of my husband Alan, I am even more charming! All this is what my life and experience in Canada have given to me.

    Again, thank you to every staff in the company for your help and friendship. I hope you keep up the good work and create more and more happy couples! I wish you all find your own happiness! I love you all! And my husband wants me to tell you, "Thank you for helping me find Wei, such a beautiful and virtuous wife!"

    God bless
    Wei Song
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  • I told all my friends, finding a foreign partner at this agency is a truly wonderful experience
    This is Qing Feng from Sichuan. I have been a member of the agency since August, 2009. Actually, I didn't have very high hope at first because I always thought that a lot of marriage agencies were not reputable enough. But the passionate and positive attitude showed by the agency staffs really touched me. So in the end I decided to give it a shot.

    During the first 3 months I didn't have any letters and I was getting very anxious. The agency's translators and the consultants told me to remain calm and patient. They helped to upload my new photos. I will always remember that day when I first received a letter from John of Canada. It was Christmas day and very cold, but my heart felt so warm because I got his letter.

    The professional and hard-working spirit of the translators really surprised me. Every letter was received and sent quite promptly and I could get suggestions when I was feeling stuck and didn't know what to write. I think this played a big role in the success of our relationship.We finally made plans to meet face-to-face in Chengdu in May, 2010.

    People say that it only takes a few seconds to fall in love. This is not just a romantic fairytale. It's really true. For me and John, who had both experienced marriage and all the ups and downs of love. It took just the first few seconds of meeting face-to-face for us to read each other's hearts. Our eyes locked together and in that instant we realized a love that some people can't find with even years of searching. We both knew that the other was our soulmate, someone who could share all the happiness of life and who was willing to spend the rest of their life by your side.   

    On July 13, John came to Chengdu for the second time. In the presence of all my friends and family, we received our marriage certificate. I felt like the happiest person in the world.

    I send all my sincerest thanks with this letter to the agency. Thank you to the agency, translators and consultants. With their help, my correspondence with John was so honest and caring. I also thank the agency for the outstanding staffs, they proudly uphold the company's promise to helping members find true love and happiness. I told all my friends, finding a foreign partner at this agency is a truly wonderful experience. Again, thank you to Beijing OUI Culture & Information Co.!
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