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With thousands of profiles to search from, Asiame is responsible for thousands of successful matches. We have been continuously receiving letters from our members as ways to express their gratitude and contentment, as well as to tell us how happy their life is. The comments listed on this page are only some of them.

Also, we have created a section dedicated to Asiame members who have blissfully tied their knots. You are warmly invited to give your best wishes to these happy Married Couples!

  • You did a very good job
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    Thank you for the services. You did a very good job.

    William Snow
    Thank you very much for your services. I am very happy and lucky to have found someone like him (William) through this agency. Hopefully we will have a happy life together. Again, thank you.

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  • We really appreciate your help
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    Dear Agency,

    I was excited joining the membership when your staff went to our island last year, and now I'm so thankful for finding me a gentleman in a short period of time. Which I didn't expect to happen.

    Thank you to your translator Ms. Green for accompanying me to meet the gentleman in Ayala Mall. Again, thank you so much. I greatly appreciate the kindness of the agency.

    God bless,
    Dear Agency,

    I would like to thank you for helping me find my lady, that hopefully would be my future wife. It was done in good manner and so far all is well.

    Hope your agency won't stop helping a guy like me to find their partners in life.

    More power,
    John Robinson
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  • To Cecily and Chnlove
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    To Cecily and Chnlove

    Thank you very much for your professional assistance to find the woman of my dream. We finally received our marrriage certificate today.

    Maggie and I are very happy, we found each other through China love web site. Our sincere thanks.

    Daniel Stihl
    Thank the agency and all the staffs, thank you very much for helping me find my dream husband.

    HuaMei Zhang
    Matrimony ID:SC3958 From
  • Thanks to ChnLove, I have found my true love
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    I will start with a short cover letter.We will not be able to send you photos until we return to Chengdu.Please edit this missive as you see fit. I will also leave a contact E-mail for others who do not believe what I have to say.

    During March of 2011 I was surfing the net when I kept getting this very annoying pop-up that offered “Chinese Women and Asian Women” who were looking for “Western Men” for marriage. I had to be skeptical about a Chinese Lady wanting to be with a Western Man because all of my life the very few Chinese people I have known frowned on a marriage between a person of European decent and a person of Chinese decent, so I had always found it to be impossible to approach a Chinese Lady for a date.

    Anyway, back to the annoying pop-ups I kept getting. After about 2 weeks of these pop-ups I decided that I would take a look at this web site. When I opened the web site I really became skeptical thinking this was another slant on the Nigerian Scam that anyone who has ever clicked on a dating web site is familiar with. The women’s photos and their profiles were like nothing I had ever seen before. Here were some of the most beautiful women that I had ever laid eyes on with profiles that left me flabbergasted.

    I looked the web site over for a week or two before I received a message from a woman who claimed to be 59 years old. I thought to myself that here is where the scam starts because this woman could not be 59, she looked to be in her 30s. being the person I am, I think a woman much older or much younger to be out of the question. I had to ask myself “what would a girl of 30 or even 40 years of age have in common with an “Old Geezer” in his 60s?” I could hardly believe that a beautiful woman 59 years of age, who looked to be in her 30s was interested in me. I really enjoyed reading her note to me. I must have read the note 20 times before I decided to send a reply. I figured, “what the heck! For less than the price of a 6 pack of beer I can send her a letter and receive a reply. The letters went back and forth on a regular basis for a short time before we got down to the “Nitty Gritty” of the reason we were sending all this correspondence back and forth for. It was when in one of her letters she stated “no games” when I realized the lady was for real.

    Our letters continued back and forth for another short period of time and then she asked me if the relationship we were building worked out would I accept her. My immediate response was yes, yes, yes. I couldn’t think of anything else to say, I was left speechless. Would I accept her? I would have to dig out all the old letters to find out exactly what I had to say but as I remember the question shouldn’t be if I would accept her but would she accept me.

    We went along with the letters for a while before we decided to have a “Love Call.” I have a hearing problem so I couldn’t hear everything that was being said. Actually I couldn’t hear much of any spoken words but I did get the idea. Because I couldn’t hear everything I figured that this was too difficult for me and would be very good for someone with good hearing.

    Our letters kept going back and forth until we had a misunderstanding of what was being said to each other. Because Chinese grammar is different from English grammar I had the wrong impression that my perfect lady was telling me that she didn’t want me. To talk about having the wind taken out of your sails, my sails flopped right to the deck. I thought I would give it a try by calling her on the phone. When we spoke she told me that all the things I had said to her were nothing more than lies. I was in tears that would cause the second flood of Noah. When we both realized that we had misunderstood each other I was so relieved that I fell to my knees to pray when all of sudden my dog Lucy came to me and licked me on the face. I guess that is exactly what I needed.

    Time went on and we decided it was time we met in person. I purchased round trip air fare to China but this was not to be. I am a diabetic and developed an ulcer on the bottom of my foot that became gangrene. That was only the start. I started going to a wound clinic where the ulcer was improving to the point that I could travel to China. Three days before I was to fly to China I found out that infection had settled into the bone in my foot. After 3 weeks in a hospital my foot recovered enough to be discharged but not enough to make a trip to China.

    We continued to correspond on a regular basis until my lady told me she was getting a little depressed. I didn’t want to chance losing someone who had become very precious to me so I rebooked my flight to China, the rest of the story is still in the writing but I offered a Diamond Ring which was accepted.

    After she accepted the ring we spent the next 4 weeks sightseeing. I can’t remember having been so fortunate as to have found my future wife. I have already filled out a form 129f petition for my lady to apply for her K-1 fiancée visa. She wishes to marry in the USA. Anything that my lady wishes and I am able to provide her I certainly will. During the last 4 weeks I have never been treated better by anyone as the way my lady treats me. I would bet my farm that the treatment I have received from my lady will only get better as time passes.I now find it embarrassing to have thought this web site was some of a scam, like the Nigerian Scams.

    We are as grateful as any man and woman can be to the staff at the Chinese Agency. I am 63 years and feel like a teenager in love for the first time. We made a visit to the Agency and personally thanked many of the staffs who work at the agency to bring the two of us together. We haven’t finalized our plans yet but I have not a doubt in my head that we will be very happy with each other for many years to come.
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  • I've met a nice girl
    Dear Agency,

    Thank you so much. It's nice to meet Arina. She is such a nice person.

    Dear Agency,

    Just would like to thank you for helping me find my partner. I have no regret of joining your company. Now i will encourage my friends to join your agency.

    Matrimony ID:SC3953 From
  • Thanks to your help
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    I would like to express my appreciation for the translation service that Miss Hhan had processed..Thank you !

    Your faith
    Eddie Tan
    Dear agency,

    Sincerely thanks to your company, your staffs and your service. Through the website you have provided the help for me to find my boyfriend. We had a happy meeting. We are talking happily to each other. And I will never forget this meeting.

    Wishing your company business progresses day by day and I will strongly recommend more my friends to join your service.

    Best regard
    Betty Khương
    Matrimony ID:SC3951 From