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With thousands of profiles to search from, Asiame is responsible for thousands of successful matches. We have been continuously receiving letters from our members as ways to express their gratitude and contentment, as well as to tell us how happy their life is. The comments listed on this page are only some of them.

Also, we have created a section dedicated to Asiame members who have blissfully tied their knots. You are warmly invited to give your best wishes to these happy Married Couples!

  • I cant thank you enough for the opportunity you have given us to come together.
    Dear chnlove,

    Thank you for my introduction to Ms.Song. While we have had many sturggles in our communicating, I am going to china to meet her on October 31. I plan to stay for two months! I will tell you this I have always dreamed of meeting beautiful chinese lady, I really am looking forward to our meeting and stay together. While I know our communication will take work, I am willing to do so. I think we both are nervous and anxious, but I believe it is fate which has brought us together. I cannot express enough how you and your service has brought such great joy to my life. You can print this if you choose while it is not an easy road to travel, if a person is patient and willing to put forth the effort, then they to can experience the joy and pleasure as I have. Your staff has been helpful, Courteous and sincere each and every time I have had a question, and always responded promptly! Ms song has become the single most important thing in my life, and she knows this. I truly feel we have a bright future together! I just say thank you from the bottom of my heart to all the staff at chnlove.

    Russel w Roberson
    - Member ID: CM308218, Texas, USA
    Matrimony ID:SC3398 From
    I have visited the PRC twice this year. The first visit was to meet a friend of a friend. I enjoyed my time there but the friend turned out to be just that...a friend. After returning home I had a lot of time to ponder what I had just experienced. Searching the web, I came across this site and thought to myself....go ahead and post your bio. It took maybe a week or so and the letters started arriving from the ladies. OK, not that many letters...I am of retirement age. nuff said? I wrote to a few but there was one lady in particular that really got my attention.
    We started writing in June of 07. In October 07 I went to visit this lady and can only say...I found what I had been searching for. I knew on day 3 that this was the lady for me. I am moving to China in Feb. 08.
    I have asked and she has accepted....we will be married shortly after the New Year.

    There is truth in the saying..."IT DON'T GET ANY BETTER THAN THIS".

    -Member ID: CM305764, Oregon, United States
    Matrimony ID:SC3416 From
  • GOD will bless your life for helping others.

    My name is Neko. I am writing this letter because I feel I need to thank many people for all the help they have done for me and my Very beautiful new wife. When I came to Chnlove I really didnt believe that you can really find your true love at these places. But, I know you can meet some really pleasent people almost anywhere if you have a good mood of meeting new people. Everyone here at Chnlove were very kind and helpful. Many people told me that a person cant really find true love. But deep in my heart I believed that I was going to be one of the lucky people. When I came to Chnlove I got many letters and all the ladies were very nice and kind. But there was one lady I just could not stop thinking about for almost two weeks I read about her and her letter over and over again. When I read her letter I remember what my granmother said to many many years before. She said: "Neko dont worry about who your wife is because you will know with everything in you heart body and soul who she is when you meet her. And there will not be a mistake. Because She was made for you and you for her. You will know that she is your soul Mate!" When I read her letters I knew that it was her. I remembered two other things my grandmother told me. She said: "When the time is right you will find her because she will be looking for you when you are look for her." And, "She is very far from you. And no matter what you will always understand her and she will always understand you." When I finilly talk to her on the phone her English was not very good. But, in a very short time her english was as if she been talking for years. And I always go back to think about what my Grandmother said. I have traveled many places in the world because I have friends everywhere. But, I really didnt think my wife would be on the other side of the world. I am the most happiest man on the earth. My wife is my Sunshine! Everything about her Mind, Body, Heart, and Soul is Beautiful and Pleasent. I cant live without her. And I feel that GOD wanted my life to be filled with Joy and Happiness when he put her in my Life. I feel there isnt another woman in the world that could have be my Soul Mate but Her. They isnt nothing I wouldnt do for her and I want to thank Chnlove for helping me. And most of all I want to thank "Annie" If it wasnt for her ...... I think I would shit be be walking the the darkness without my Sunshine, Cui JianQing! So Annie I thank you with ALL MY HEART!!! I believe if you are a good person at heart and you help people to be happy. Your days will be filled with happiness and joy and GOD will bless your life for helping others. Once again Thank you Chnlove and most of all Thank you Annie!!!

    - Member ID: CM88659, Michigan, United States
    Matrimony ID:SC3383 From
  • We plan to marry December 25, 2007.
    Dear Chnlove:

    Thank you so much for providing me opportunity to meet the Most Beautiful woman in the Universe. My Sweetest Zhihong has made me the happiest man in the World. We plan to marry December 25, 2007.
    Again, I want to thank you, Jessi, Lee, and Lucy for all of your help and generosity during our most trying time this past summer.

    Carmen Bradshaw
    Zhihong Chen (Soon to be Bradshaw)
    - Member ID: CM292027, Jackson, United States
    - Profile ID: P328051, Baoding, P.R.China
    Matrimony ID:SC3434 From
  • Without their help we would never have met
    I would like to thank Miss Wang and Jelly from the bottom of my heart. They both have helped My Lulu and myself to be united. Without their help we would never have met and began to have a long and happy life together.

    Simon Atkins
    - Member ID: CM281696, Perth, Australia
    Matrimony ID:SC3367 From
  • Married in China this past October
    Hello all and thank you all. I met my lovely traditional Chinese lady on your site and we married October 16th in Baoding, China. I would like to send you a nice thank you letter and a few photos of my beautiful bride and myself. This very day I forwarded our information on to our immigration lawyer and soon the clock will be ticking for my bride to come home. I have worked at home for many years and I am going to join my wife in March and work in China for a year.

    - Member ID: CM335884, Rogers, United States
    Matrimony ID:SC3418 From