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With thousands of profiles to search from, Asiame is responsible for thousands of successful matches. We have been continuously receiving letters from our members as ways to express their gratitude and contentment, as well as to tell us how happy their life is. The comments listed on this page are only some of them.

Also, we have created a section dedicated to Asiame members who have blissfully tied their knots. You are warmly invited to give your best wishes to these happy Married Couples!

    To start with, let me say hello and wish health and happiness to everyone. I am Cam Tu, 31 years old, currently living and working in HCMC, Viet Nam.

    Today, I write some words to thank Idateasia for helping me to have chance in meeting a good Singaporean friend. He is very polite and kind; and we met each other, walked together, had coffee and learnt about each other. Now, although he came back his country, we still keep in touch and expect the best things to our relationship.

    Again, I would like to send sincere thankfulness for supporting me.
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  • Thank you letter
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    To agency, chillote thank you for a friendly meeting. i feel it is easy to talk to you. I'm also satisfied with Crizza. I like her appearance and I feel we can be a good match. I look forward to be with her next week.

    -Einar Gjerde

    To agency, Thank you chillote for meeting Einar Gjerde.

    - Mary Kris Valiente
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    I would really like to thanks to the ChinaLove network platform,the agency for all the professional service they provide.

    It was a hot day when I come to the agency from Holiday Inn Hotel the second day of me coming from Australia. On the way, the taxi driver just drove me all around for wrong direction to the agency. It took me one hour to arrive at the agency under the help of the staff finaly.
    All staff are very professional and friendly.They took pictures with me , also ask me have lunch together. I felt very nice.

    Within the arrangement of agency staff, I met the girl Huanhuan who is very cute just like the pictures, We had high tea in costa coffee . We Talking, drinking,playing chess…. Etc.She left me an unforgettable impression .Anyway we had a great time. They charge me no money for all the service they do. I‘m quite satisfied with it. Thanks a lot anyway.
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  • Thank You Letter
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    Dear Rose,

    Thank you for your help and assistance today.
    It was excellent that you were able to facilitate the meeting and ongoing conversation between Nida and myself.

    Trevor Jones
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  • Thank You
    Thank you for this guy I meet. I'm so thankful for what I meet now, he is a good guy and I know I can trsut him. I'm hoping he is the guy that I wish to be with, thanks a lot for doing this to me. I expect that he like me and also hoping you a many interested with your agency.
    Once again thank you very much and more blessings to come.

    Sweet Ochea

    To whom it concerns,
    Thank you for allowing me to meet Sweet in Cebu, at starbucks coffee house. On this day Monday 7th July 2014.

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  • New Love
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    I never thought i would have a chance to meet new love, I must give this credit to the agency. I met Mr.Thomas Vette for the first time through "Cupid Date" in November 2012.
    First place I took him to was "Luang Poe Sothorn Temple" that he asked for. And then we traveled to a few places which "Kho Kred", "Chiangmai" and met my folks in "Pattaya".

    After awhile of knowing each other we started talking about future plan that he will come and live with me in Pattaya.

    April 2013, we met again in Thailand we went to "Kho Similan" , "Extinct cities" and ended at Pattaya. In November same year I traveled to his country, USA, to visit him and his family. We had a great time together. Recently we've talked about living together in Bangkok after he retired in August 2014.
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