Thank You Letters


I met a beautiful woman here on Chnlove.

I (Bradley Shatzer) met a beautiful woman named Yajuan here on Chnlove. We fell in love and corresponded with each other for about 8 months. In January this year I traveled to China to meet her in person. We were excited to finally get to see each other and got married on Febuary 6, in Tieling, China, her hometown. I stayed with her for a month and a half before I had to return home in the US. We love each other very much and unfortunately she was unable to get her Visa to travel with me. While in China I met her family and friends, we all love each other and get along very well together. Currently we are working togetgher to get her visa to get her over here to be with me. There is a website there where we can see and talk to each other every day.She is eveerything I have always wanted in my life and I love her with all of my heart and soul. We have each found our true love in each other.