Thank You Letters


a thanks giving letter

to the lovely translator of the agency,

It was months ago when i met Sam, we met in last June, I never thought he was so sincere to me, in each letter he told me about what was going on with him every day there, and he sent me many pictures, so i wanted to cherish this opportunity.

So we met in Hongkong, as he couldn't come to shenzhen, we got well along with each other, later we prepare for meeting his family in US on last Christmas...however, i found we were not matched well as we had many many problems, so finally we parted, but i am happy to meet this friend, and i am grateful for all that my translator has done for me, thank you very much!

i know you are the most loving friends, it is you who build us a lovely bridge towards happiness! here i wanna give you all my best wishes!

Lily from shenzhen
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