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I wish the company more and more successful

My name is Aixin Wang, I am a 50 years old woman. I come from Shenzhen and retired now. I signed to the agency to be a member on August 2013. From that day on, the company designated Billy to be my translator. Within three months, he succeeded arranging two gentlemen for me to meet. During this process, Billy was very responsible for me, he texted me the information about the gentlemen, and he selected the good ones for me, what he had done touched me deeply.

What is the most terrible thing for a woman is she meets a vicious man, so all because of Billy, I was very lucky to meet two excellent men. Whether succeed or not, Billy did all the things for me, he contacted me timely, and paid great attention on the progress among me and the gentlemen. He even gave up his own free time and accompanied me to chat with me. His attitude to work is so sincere that made me feel so great, and I was satisfied for the men he selected to me. Thanks him very much. I am thankful to Billy and the company. I also feel proud for your company having this outstanding translator Billy, thanks again.

I wish the company more and more successful , and all the lovers can get together here.

Aixin Wang
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