Thank You Letters


I am willing to cherish this marvelous opportunity

To the agency,

Dear translator, words just can not express my feelings to you any longer, so I would love to tell you my feelings here.

November 23rd was a nice day in my life, as I met Shaun, a gentleman from England. I have to say that his politeness, his gentleness and his wonderful voice attracts me a lot , and tell you a secret, my lovely daughter also likes him. Though we haven’t exchange too much, the good feelings between us brings us much motive power. Anyway, I am willing to cherish this marvelous opportunity, no matter where we will go.

So, thanks to my dear translator Fendy, who helps us a lot during our communication. Chnlove is really a good place for Chinese women those who is looking for a foreign husband, most importantly, you help us communicate without language barrier, which is really very important.

At last, thank you all very much and hope your company better and better.

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