Thank You Letters


Congratulations and Thank You

On behalf of my wife Jinxia and myself, I wish to extend our special thank you to the staff at the Wuhan Love Consulting Company, Agency ID P509 for their help and assistance in bringing Jinxia and myself together.

When Jinxia and I first started communicating with each other, Nancy ( Huang QinLing ) was appointed as our Translator. Nancy was accurate and precise as well as reliable at all times and she even worked longer hours at times translating important messages for us. I eventually travelled to China in November 2009 to meet with Jinxia and this was a very nervous time for both of us. Again Nancy was invaluable to us, both as interpretor and as a companion on our outings.

Everything that Jinxia and I had wished for was now a reality and before my return home Jinxia and I were married. Members of the Wuhan Love Consulting Company also attended to lend their support. We are currently making necessary Visa arrangements and my wife and I communicate daily via Skype or the Agency. We sincerely wish everyone else who is looking for their dream the same happy ending that Jinxia and I have experienced with the wonderful support of the Wuhan Love Consulting Company.

Our special thanks to Nancy for her exceptional professionalism and her great and humorous company. Congratulations and Thank You


- Member ID: CM910115, New South Wales, Australia