Thank You Letters


Chnlove has given us a chance to fall in love

I (Zhengmin Deng) and my husband (Charlie Miller) thank Chnlove very much for giving us the chance to meet each other and fall in love. Many thanks to Changsha MeiYin for helping us to a happy marriage.

We met on Chnlove on 5th Aug., 2008, and we were very interested in each other at the beginning. Along with our communication, we found that we were very compatible with each other. So we agreed in EMF letters that we would get married when he came to meet me. Charlie came to Changsha on 25th April, 2009, during these days our affection grew stronger. Then we went to registered to be married on 30th. Finally, our dreams came true and we were together happily. I love Charlie very much for he is very sincere to me. I was moved that he tried his best to transact my visa as soon as he went back. I am so lucky to have found such a nice husband. Charlie loves me too, he said that the days being together with me in Changsha are the happiest days in his life.

Thank you again, Chnlove, you brought us together from different countries, and you are the bridge to our happiness. Also we thank Changsha MeiYin and my translator. Wish everybody here will find her own happiness!

Zhengmin Deng

-Profile ID: P2189396, Changsha, China