Thank You Letters


We are grateful for finding each other

To YangGuang Overseas Affairs Service Company:

How are you? Winter is getting close but my heart is warmer. Now I am in Melborne with my husband Laurie. The first thing I got off plane is to inform you I have arrived safely, so please don't be worried about me my friend.

It is said that marriage is destined by fate, but without your help, Lauire and I would not have started our cross culture relationship and happily married. You have provided us the best service, such as the translation of letters, your help provided when Laurie visited China and the professional service during the avisa application. Even in daily life, you concerned a lot about me and Lauire.

I sincerely thank Mr Zhao for you valuable advice and selfless help when I was preparing for the physical examination prove and the telephone interview of the embassy. My heart is filled with gratitude but I am so short of words that I can just say "Thank you", thank you indeed!

On November 10, I got on the plane and left China heading for my happy life with Laurie. On December 20, we will get married in a church there. To be honest, how much I wish you could be there at our wedding, for your blessing are so important to us.

I have landed safely, so don't worry about me. You are my relatives in China, and I will send the wedding photos to you to share my joy. Here, Lauire and I want to pay our gratitude and respect to you, and we will visit you when we get back to China!

Last but not least, we sincerely wish you could help more people find their true love and make more ladies like me find their happiness in a foreign country!

GuiFang Li

- Member ID: P3260043, Shenyang, Liaoning