Thank You Letters


It really is a dream come true

I joined this company in Oct. 07 and before too long have found a wonderful Lady in Baoding , that I consider my Sister now, that I will meet in the Furure here in California ( U.S.A.). But then in Nov. 07, I found , what is now my beautiful Wife CHER CHU GBZ272874 , that I met for the first time on 07th of May at the Pudong Airport in Shanghai and we just fell into each-others arms , we were like teenager's in Love. I had the best eleven day's of my Life. Super Lady , wonderful City and not to mention a great loving family of her's. It really is a dream come true. We married at the Registry two day's later and made plans for August, for a 08-08-08 wedding at the Yu Yuan Garden ( seng wang miao ) for about 50 people. So, I must really thank this great Comany and all it's people that help us Man, find the Lady of our dream, here on ChnLove. I could not be any happier right now or I would become ill. So my sincere thank you to the Company and the Translator from Guangzhou, to help us with the Language barrier. They must be very proud of the Job their doing, making so many dreams come true .

Thank you all ,

- Member ID: CM368550, Palmdale, United States