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She and her professional staff, have gone the extra mile to comfort me and my lovely Chinese mate

To those who want to see Ms. Wang's agency for the perfect match, that special lady. Her agency is the finest homes' compassionate business I have ever delt with. She and her professional staff, have gone the extra mile to comfort me and my lovely Chinese mate, and now wife. Good Luck!

- Member ID: CM72251, Burien, United States

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Dear Ms Wang & all the staff in Xixiangfeng Agency,

This is an acknowledgement letter to you.

I became one of your client on Aug 15th, 04. As a woman, I suffered a lot, not only from physical defects, but also my failed marriage. What's worse, few man would accept a woman with the physical defects as mine. I told all my uneven experience to Ms Wang. She fully understood my pain and show her great sympathy to me. And all the staff there did their utmost to relief me from my sufferings and always encouraged me, especially Ms Wang, who comforted me, and helped me all the time. At this moment, as a happy woman, I don't know how to convey my gratitude to her, as no beautiful words can express my appreciation.

I still remember it was under Ms Wang's help that I could have the chance to know my husband, Donald. Actually, before we knew each other, he had been contacting with another lady for a while. However, the lady thought that his economic capability was not as stable as she imagined and decied to cut off with Donald, which hurt him a lot. Later, Ms Wang told Donald hat there were many ladies, who are honest and kind-hearted, and do not pursue material and good economic background as their life goal in China. And she told that she'd like to introduce some ladies to Donald if he needed help. Ms Wang introduced 3 ladies, including me, to him. Both the other two ladies are younger than me, one born in1958, another 1959. You can image that there would be a cruel competition to me, while, surprisingly, Donald said that the oldest woman is the very one he believed to be suitable for him, and he said that he was willing to start communication with me, for the purpose of establishing our future relationship.

From April 2007, we began our correspondence and communication for up to eight months. During this period, I knited a sweater for him, and he sent gifts to me. On the morning of November 13rd, 2007, the first man who came out of Zhanjiang airport caught my eyes, that's my husband-to-be, Donald, wearing the "warmth" (man's nickname) sweater I sent to him. Both of us were very excited, joyful to meet each other. We did not know how to express our love with any words, two persons just tightly cuddled each other in the airport and couldn't calm down for a long time....

Here, I'd like to say 'Thank You' to my husband, Donald, who selflessly loves his woman even with physical defects. I'd like to show my heartfelt gratitude to Ms Wang and all the staff in Xixiangfeng Agency for all their endeavor and help.
Dear Xixiangfeng, I should say, you pave the road for all the people who're seeking for ture love. Thank you!

Sincerely yours
Lin Shaolian
Dec. 17th, 2007
- Profile ID: P548156, Zhanjiang, P.R.China
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