Thank You Letters


I wish to express my deep gratitude for this service.

I wish to express my deep gratitude for this service.
I cannot contain the words of appreciation and thanks that your service or your site offers. The method in which it is set up, the quality of the translation and the help that you afford is amongst the finest.

Other sites have one sole role - to make easy money. The people are not screened, considered and it is just an electronic jungle. Yours actually means you have and are putting work and effort into it.

I have had a number of admirers, all beautiful ladies and well deserving of the finest of gentlemen. I needed a very special kind of individual - one specially suited to my role in this world.

When I went through the list of search, I instantly was drawn to Ziz Li - 202637. I could not get her out of my mind. I wrote a letters because I was limited to 6000 characters because my letter was too long.

Ladies and gentlemen - Zizi has replied and we are exactly what we want in each other in so many ways - even she was astounded as I myself was.

How can I thank you enough? Although I have 7 credits left over, I still have to deal with some 10 other admirers and I can't leave them wondering without a response saying that I have found what I have been looking for.

Can you advise me the best way in which to do this with gentleness and politeness and kindness. I can compose a lovely letter and have it sent to all, but I am wondering if that is going to cost me the credits or do you do that.

Again, wonderful site.
Thank you,
- Member ID: CM374259, Alberta, Canada