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Thank you

Thank you, my honored teacher, Mr. Sun. First, I'd like to express my appreciation to ManTingHui Translation Agent, ZhanJiang Branch of Thanks to your agent, I met my current husband HaiDeng, who is a nice and kind American. He gave me the home for my heart. I am quite clear that all I get is from the help and support of Mr. Sun and all other staff. My husband and I would never achieve our happiness without their arduous work and sacrifice. I always feel grateful to Mr. Sun and Ms. Chen, for their continuous help and encouragement to me. I am deeply moved. Their help enabled me to get a happy and complete home. I sincerely hope all the members in ManTingHui Translation Agent would finally find your beautiful and sincere love. And I would like to remind you that our happiness was much due to the staff in ManTingHui Translation Agent, because they do lots of hard work behind. I feel sincerely grateful for Mr. Sun and other staff.

Yours Sincerely,
Ma AiTi
July 17, 2007

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