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Since: Dec 31,2011George Elferink and Lynn Wei
Matrimony ID: SS2977
Category: Other
Bride: Lynn Wei
Groom: George Elferink
Miranda, Australia

First Contact: May 09,2010
Date Married: Dec 10,2011

Services Used:
EMF Mail
Jiangmen JiangMei International Marriage Co., Ltd. (ID: P662)
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Ms. Wei bacame a member of the agency at the end of 2010. Soon after her profile was released, she began to establish communication relationship with George. In their communication, they are attracted by each other. After communicating for half a year, George came to Guiyang to meet the lady. After he met Ms.Wei, they felt good with each other.George was Catholic originally. But he converted to Christian after he met the lady. That is what we call the power of love. After the gentleman went back to Australia, he began to help the lady to get the fiancee visa.
During the gentlemen in Guiyang, he met the lady's family and friends. They were thought the best matches in others' eyes.
After the gentleman went back to Australia, They kept contact everyday.
In October,2011, the Lady went to Australia and live happily with George. In December, they registered for marriage in Australia. Wish this couple happiness forever!