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Since: Nov 24,2009Storm Bass and Tracy Wu
Matrimony ID: SS2712
Category: Other
Bride: Tracy Wu
Groom: Storm Bass
Chatsworth, United States

First Contact: Jun 18,2008
Date Married: Sep 14,2009

Services Used:
EMF Mail
Xinjiang QianXi Matchmaking Service Co., Ltd. (ID: P616)
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Our agency member Ms Wu(P616042) received a cupid note from Storm(CM306904) on Jun 17, 2008. And with the help of the translator, she read Storm's profile and replied to him after careful consideration, expressing her willingess to further communication. They found a lot in coommon and gradually opened their hearts to each other. Via MSN and phone calls, ect., their communication went on smoothly and soon they found that they are the one they have been looking for. On Sep 24, 2008, they met for the first time and had an enjoyalbe talk. Later, Storm came to meet Ms Wu for another three times, deepening their affection. With the help of our agency, they got their fiancee visa successfully on Jul 13, 2009 and flew to USA on Jul 22 together. They had got their marriage certificate in the USA on Sep 14, 2009 and started their happy life.