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Since: Nov 30,-0001David Farnell and Wendy Li
  • Matrimony ID: SS2137
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  • Category: Other
Bride: Wendy Li P548082 China
Groom: David Farnell CM51612 Bunbury, Australia
First Contact: Feb 23,2004
Date Married: Oct 24,2004
Services Used: EMF Mail        
Agency: Zhanjiang Happy Marriage Agency (ID: P548)

From the day they met to the day they got married were just 8 months. David and Miss Li were very responsible and sincere to their marriage. In order to know more about the lady, David came to Jianjiang on 22nd June of 2004 for their meeting and interaction. They decided to get married on 11th July in China. When the man came again in October of 2004, they held their wedding on 24th October of 2004.