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Matrimony ID: SS3233
Category: Twists and turns
Bride: Huichun lin
Groom: David Powell
Morley, Australia

First Contact: Mar 10,2013
First Meeting:Apr 07,2013
Date Married: Nov 04,2013

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The gentleman David Powell who comes from the beautiful city Perth in Australia. He began to write a letter to the wonderful lady Huichun Lin from Shenzhen on 10th March,2013. David said he loves her photo and couldn't help himself, he said her smile is beautiful and Huichun looks very happy. After telling a little about himself to the lady.

They began their wonderful love journey from this very first letter. The lady Huichun thought he is sincere, nice and gentle. After getting to know more about each other through letters, livechats and lovecalls, they got to love each other more.

At that time, David is separating with his ex wife, with the translator's help, Huichun finally got to know that David is coming to China to divorce with his ex wife from Beihai,Guangxi and to visit his dream girl Huichun.

The first meeting was on 7th,April. The translator Junior Gong helped them with the translation from noon to 8:30pm.They both felt so good about each other, they have same interests, he can speak some Chinese, she can speak some English.Both are sincere, passionate, lively, loving, tender and considerate. Their love for each other rose up highly.

But unluckily, due to his ex wife' s incooperation and intentionally delay, David did not get to take enough papers for divorcing. Before he went back to his country, he got engaged with Huichun. He bought her a nice ring and a lovers' cellphone as an engagement and promise that he will come back to marry her. Huichun said she is willing to marry him once he divorced. After returning to his country, David and Huichun kept close contact. Sometimes, Huichun felt impatient especially when she thought David was still separate but not divorced. So quarrels and misunderstanding happened, but love and belief made their love stronger, they became to be more understanding and tender to each other...

They are so nice and good lovers, they never get angry with each other for real. David thanked so much for Huichun's love and understanding, he tried his best to deal the divorce soon, without any delay and tired every possible way just to marry Huichun sooner.

The second time David came to meet Huichun on 26th October, finally his ex came with him and divorced.Yes, the two lovers could be together forever. On 4th November, it came their good news of marriage.

At this moment, they are busy taking their wedding photos, and also David was going to invite Huichun to come to Australia for a travelling before their marriage. So happy for them, best wishes for this couple. Wish them all the best!!!