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Since: Feb 27,2013Our hearts beat together..
Matrimony ID: SS2980
Category: Twists and turns
Bride: Sophia Wei
Groom: Kurt Edvardsson

First Contact: Jun 07,2011
Date Married: Nov 13,2011

Services Used:
EMF Mail
Chengdu YingJiaMei Friendfinder Co. Ltd (ID: P206)
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Ms.Wei and Kurt started writing to each other since June, 2011. After communicating a few times, the gentlemen didn't write to the lady any more. With our encouragement, the lady wrote a letter to the gentlemen again.The gentlemen was deeply moved by the lady. so, the gentlemen responded to the lady's email. Through sincere communication with each other, they gradually fell in love. Eventually, the gentlemen came to China and met the lady.

In July, 2011, this couple finally came together. In just a week time, the lady felt the sincerity and love of the gentlemen, they thought that they were the perfect match. Finally, they registered for marriage in November, 2011. We sincerely wish this couple happy forever.