Married Couples

Since: Nov 24,2009peter ellis and Lisa He
Matrimony ID: SS2714
Category: Other
Bride: Lisa He
Groom: peter ellis
york, United Kingdom

First Contact: Aug 12,2008
Date Married: Dec 23,2008

Services Used:
EMF Mail
Xinjiang QianXi Matchmaking Service Co., Ltd. (ID: P616)
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Our agency member Lisa He(P616039) sent out her admiration letter to Peter Ellis(CM486222) after she read his profile with the help of the translator. Peter replied to her on Aug 12, 2008 and started their communication. They wrote letters everyday. With deepening of their understanding, they found that they are the one the have been look for. They met for the first time on Oct 9, 2009 and had an enjoyable talk. Peter promised Ms He he would come again soon. On Dec 21, 2008, Peter came to Urumchi again and spend Christmas with her. They got engaged on Christmas with the help of our agency. Now they are applyinf for fiancee visa, and we sincerely wish they can live a happy life together soon.