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Since: Oct 29,2009john moore and Pingzhen Chen
Matrimony ID: SS2688
Category: Other
Bride: Pingzhen Chen
Groom: john moore
chatteris, United Kingdom

First Contact: Nov 24,2008
Date Married: May 07,2009

Services Used:
EMF Mail
Zhanjiang Man Ting Hui Matrimonial Agency (ID: P588)
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On Nov 24, 2008, an ordinary but special day, John and Ms Chen met each other on Chnlove. They fell in love at first "sight", and John wrote letters to Ms Chen almost everyday! After two months' correspondence, John finally flew to Ms Chen on Feb 17, 2009. They were so much in love and committed to each other after the meeting. On Feb 23, they got their marriage certificate. Till Mar 15, John came to China again. They made a decision to held their romantic wedding ceremony on May 7, Ms Chen's birthday! We are so happy for them...