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Since: Jul 15,2016You my only one
Matrimony ID: SS3382
Category: 50+
Bride: Lena
Wuhan, China
Groom: Mark Allen
Somersworth, United States

First Contact: Jan 25,2015
First Meeting:May 09,2015
Date Married: Jun 09,2016

Services Used:
Admirer Mail
Live Chat
Gifts & Flowers
Cupid Date
Wuhan Oriental Love Consulting Company (ID: P509)
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The man Mark wrote the first letter to Lena on Jan 25th in 2015. They felt great interested in each other after writting some 144 letters and the close live chats. The man booked the pearl bracelet for the lady on the site. The man visited the lady during May 9th to May 28th in 2015.They fell in love at the first sight and the man was very sincere, considerate and kind. They had a very good time and got engaged in Wuhan. The man sponsored the lady to get the fiance visa to USA. On April 24th,2016 the lady flied to USA with the man and they got the marriage certificate on June 9th.