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Since: Jun 06,2016love moves in mysterious way
Matrimony ID: SS3381
Category: Other
Bride: maribeth
Groom: Richard Molina
Corpus Christi, United States

First Contact: Apr 02,2014
First Meeting:Aug 21,2014
Date Married: Mar 30,2016

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East Dating Information Services Co (ID: D306)
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The love story of beth and Richard is one of the most wonderful one.

They met in the site through letters, at fist it was all just an attraction but as the time goes by they realize how they been so into each other, The man and the lady is really sincere to find the love of their life. They shared same goals, dreams and plans.

They met on august 21,2014 and continue to communicate until the day that they get married. It was on march 30, 2016, a very solemn ceremony of two hearts that beat as one they promise to love each other until the last day of their life. Currently they are so happy to have each other.