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Since: Jul 15,2016The Beginning of Happiness
Matrimony ID: SS3380
Category: 50+
Bride: Chunfen
Tieling, China
Groom: trevor grist
adelaide, Australia

First Contact: Nov 16,2014
First Meeting:Apr 21,2016
Date Married: Apr 25,2016

Services Used:
Admirer Mail
EMF Mail
ChangChun LiRen Information Inquiry Service Ltd. (ID: P346)
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They began to contact in November, 2014. The lady sent the admirer letter to the man, and after the man reading, he felt the lady is so special and then relied to her, then they start their relationship. They get along well with each other, later, they felt they are just the one in their hearts. They were in love, and love deeply. Till 21, April,2016, they meet in real life, and they felt so good about each other. They registered for marraige on 25th, April, 2016. From then now, their happy life starts.....