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Since: Aug 08,2016A New Spring of Love
Matrimony ID: SS3379
Category: Remarried
Bride: LianYing
Groom: Joe Carpenter
South Burlington, United States

First Contact: Feb 28,2015
First Meeting:May 13,2015
Date Married: Jun 20,2016

Services Used:
Admirer Mail
Wuhan Oriental Love Consulting Company (ID: P509)
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The man Joe and the lady Lianying knew each other through Admirer mail on February 28th,2015. They started to communicate on the site until they met first time on May 13th,2015 in Shenzhen,.
After meeting, they felt great about each other and fell in love. They went back to Wuhan on May 15th. The man met the lady's family and friends. They met on September 24th,2015 for the second time and got engaged on October 4th in a hotel of Wuhan.On May 22nd,2016, the lady got the fiance visa to USA and went to USA on May 24th. They got married on June 13th in the USA