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Matrimony ID: SS3378
Category: Twists and turns
Bride: Adela
Groom: Steve Simpson
Mission Viejo, United States

First Contact: Apr 23,2015
First Meeting:May 20,2015
Date Married: May 11,2016

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the lady and her girl had been to US on 2oth May, and the gentleman and his son welcomed them, and also sent flowers, they live at gentleman's house, they communicated with each other,even though some misunderstandings, they feel good about each other, the gentleman came to China on 18th July,to celebrate Adela's birthday,they went to Sanya together, and also visit Adela's parents. after that Steve went back to US, in the beginning of 2016,Adela went to US to visit Steve by herself, they have really good connection,and on 11th May,they get married.