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Since: Jun 06,2016predestined love
Matrimony ID: SS3377
Category: 50+
Bride: Anna
Chongqing, China
Groom: David Rollins
TX, United States

First Contact: Jan 25,2016
First Meeting:Apr 19,2016
Date Married: Apr 27,2016

Services Used:
EMF Mail
Live Chat
Love Call
Cupid Date
Chongqing MeiCiYi Culture & Information Co., Ltd. (ID: P720)
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The man David Rollins and the lady Anna Liu met each other through chnlove site by chance. The man David was new to the site during the Chinese spring festival, once the man saw the lady’s beautiful photos and interesting profile, he was deeply attracted by the lady for the first sight. David like anna’s slim body and sunshine smile very much, so wrote to the lady one EMF immediately, wish the lady could create a romantic loving relationship with him. They are destiny!! The lady also like the man’s appearance very much, after reading his profile and email, she is very interested in him.

During their development, they wrote each other several EMFs every day. Almost every week, David used lovecall to hear Anna’s sweet beautiful sexy voice, felt each other’s love and thoughts directly. During the lovecall, the lady Anna sang two sweet love songs for the man, the lady was not good at singing, in order to make the man feel her sweet love, she took one week to learn those two songs per week.

Sooner , their love become sweeter and sweeter, the man could not wait to meet with the lady, so the man decided to meet with the lady in person , and want to marry Anna in china. With the suggestion of the translator Lynn, the man David was very happy to use Cupid Date. He knew the lady was very anxious, want the lady felt comfortable, with the help of translator Lynn, then they finally met each other at the agency in the morning of April19, 2016. Both they had a good first impression for each other , the man thought the lady was much prettier than her photos, could not help hugging her and kissing her softly , the lady also smiled very happily.

While through half day’s getting alone with each other, the lady thought the language barrier is really a problem,was going to give up this loving relationship. But the man David used his patience and love , taught the lady how to use the translator machine, tried his best to learn Chinese, the lady was deeply touched by the man’s strong love, decided to marry with the man. During next time, the lady Anna showed the beautiful places of chongqing to the man, treated the man many tasty food and took the man back home, met with her family.

Meeting with lady’s family, the man were sure that the lady was his true lover and future wife . With the blessing of friends and family, they became a legal couple on 19th April, 2016, they got their marriage certificate.