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Matrimony ID: SS3370
Category: Love at first sight
Bride: Sherry
Groom: Clay Chappell
Ione, United States

First Contact: Jul 20,2014
First Meeting:Oct 19,2014
Date Married: Jun 02,2015

Services Used:
EMF Mail
Wuhan Hong Jin Translation and Consultation Service Centre (ID: P511)
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Clay came to Wuhan to meet Xu Sixia on October 19th.
Xu arranged a hotel for Clay at night, and they hanged out for fun in the daytime. They both felt very good after five days staying. Xu agreed to Clay’s request to hide her information in site and signed client visit record form. Clay decided to get a fiancee visa for Xu, hoping to take Xu to America for a visit.
Acting as interpreter, Zhangying helped them to figure out some puzzles about the future.
Clay made detailed introduction on his family, pets and job and indicated he was very satisfied with Xu. Then he wrote down a letter of thanks on the spot and accepted that our authority could submit their successful case in the future.
Xu was also satisfied with Clay, and planed to go to Guiyuan Temple with Clay in the afternoon.
Clay returned to America on October 26th via Hong Kong and said he would still come to Wuhan to meet Xu before getting fiancee visa. It is obvious that they have established formal relationship successfully.
Clay’s sharing of web page and Yunfile has been completed.

After getting fiancee visa, they had theirs second meet. Clay arrived in Wuhan on April 14th.
They traveled to Xian with another couple - Gao Liping and her foreigner lover. They went back Wuhan on May 20th and headed for America on May 23th.
They registered for marriage on 2nd June, 2015 in America.