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Since: Apr 08,2016Though born a thousand li apart , souls which are one shall meet .
Matrimony ID: SS3369
Category: Love at first sight
Bride: Betty
Groom: dave dave
kirklandlake, Canada

First Contact: Jan 27,2013
First Meeting:Jun 30,2014
Date Married: May 16,2015

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The Canadian man wrote the letter to Libei on Jan.27th, 2013, they exchanged the contact information at that time. The man was disappeared after videoing frequently. Until March of 2014 the man contacted Libei and told her the truth. It was because of his father passed away, he was upset and did not adjust himself well, now he was prepared for a new life with Libei, and he brought the ring for Libei. Libei brought the man to the agency on Oct.16th, 2014. They held the wedding party in Wuhan on May.16th, 2015. At present the man are helping Libei apply for an immigrant visa, they are loving each other very much.