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Since: Apr 08,2016Love at first sight
Matrimony ID: SS3368
Category: Love at first sight
Bride: Mandy
Groom: janroald nilsen
stavanger, Norway

First Contact: Mar 02,2014
First Meeting:Mar 05,2014
Date Married: Jul 31,2015

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Yun met Janroald at Wuhan Pearl Plaza Hotel 6pm , Mar 5th 2014 . They spent 5 days well together , Yun can speak English , then Janroald invited her to travel to Norway and decided to
take his son to visit her next time in Wuhan . It was good memory between them , they dontinued to
keep in touch on Skype after he back . Yun applied for Norway tourist visa afterwards. It was Oct 1st , 2014 that they met at the third time , Janroald spent 7 days in Wuhan , and visited her parents .
Yun planned to marry to him after CNY , they were married in Norway July 31st , 2015 .