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Since: Apr 08,2016Thank you to the team of your agency, I finally found my soul mate.
Matrimony ID: SS3366
Category: 50+
Bride: Julia
Chongqing, China
Groom: Andre Polczyk
Braine l, Belgium

First Contact: Dec 30,2015
First Meeting:Dec 30,2015
Date Married: Mar 16,2016

Services Used:
EMF Mail
Chongqing MeiCiYi Culture & Information Co., Ltd. (ID: P720)
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The lady Julia (Shen Aiqiong) and the client Andre met each other at my agency by chance . Andre flied to Chongqing to meet his dream lady, with whom contacted on Chnlove for a while on 20th December, 2015. But after their meeting, Andre and the lady found it’s not the same special feeling as they write letters before, cause of the difficult languages , then they understand it wouldn't be a happy life if they meant to be together. Considering for Andre, the translator Jojo recommended Julia(Shen Aiqiong)to meet Andre. Both of them are honest to each other, and Julia moved Andre with her warmness. Then they tried to develop their relationship. During Andre’s stay in China , Julia took Andre to visit around, and went to Shanghai and Beijing to get his single paper stamped by the Belguim Embassy, but it was New Year's holiday for the stuff in Embassy so they missed the chance to get the single proof, but they didn't given upon each other, Aiqiong showed her great patience and love to Andre and make him felt very happy, he thought Julia is a very kind lady with many Chinese traditional virtues. He made a promise to the lady with Chnlove EMF letter and promise to marry her next time when he get the single proof and back to China next time, When they say goodbye in airport, it was very hard for them to be apart and after he returned to Belguim , Andre and Julia communicated with each other by mails, phone call, video chat to learn more from each other everyday. And Andre came to Chongqing again on March, 2016. After three monthes good communication, they felt that they were already a couple to build their family. With the help of the translator, and their own efforts, they finally registered and get married happily on 16th of March. Finally they are together as a happy couple.

“Thank you to the team of your agency. Today March 16, 2016, I finally found my soul mate. This is a new beginning in our lives with Aiqiong. I hope you will continue to bring together lonely hearts, sometimes we do not see what is before our eyes. Thank you again and especially to Jojo. André le 16/03/2016” From Andre's Thanking letter to agency(Original letter handwritten by the man with his mother language French).