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Since: Apr 08,2016You are my only one
Matrimony ID: SS3363
Category: Love at first sight
Bride: Jean
Groom: Dale Harvey
Longview, United States

First Contact: Mar 24,2015
First Meeting:May 03,2015
Date Married: Dec 26,2015

Services Used:
EMF Mail
Live Chat
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Wuhan Hong Jin Translation and Consultation Service Centre (ID: P511)
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The man Dale wrote the first letter to Jean on March 24th in 2015. They felt great interested in each other after writting some 41 letters and the close live chats. The man visited the lady during May 3rd to May 16th in 2015 and spend his special birthday with her and the lady bought him a birthday cake,They fell in love at the first sight and the man was very considerate and kind. They had a very good time and got engaged in Wuhan. The man sponsored the lady to get the fiance visa to USA. This December 4th, the lady flied to USA to meet the man and they got the marriage certificate on December 26th,2015