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Since: Feb 05,2016Love after 50 years old
Matrimony ID: SS3359
Category: 50+
Bride: Ella
Groom: Kip Bennett
Creal Springs, United States

First Contact: Sep 18,2014
First Meeting:May 08,2015
Date Married: Dec 19,2015

Services Used:
Admirer Mail
EMF Mail
Video Show
Gifts & Flowers
Shenzhen Oriental Love Consulting Co. Ltd. (ID: P508)
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The man read the lady's profile on 27th, Aug. 2014, and checked her video on the site also.Then on 18th, Sept. they started the communication via letters. After a short period time, they changed to write directly from 19th, Sept.
On May in 2015, the man went to HK to watch the football game with his friends. And arranged to have a meeting with the lady on the free time.
They both felt very good after meeting, and the lady went to visit the man in America on July. They shared many happy time together.
They both thought they find the life partner for the rest of their life.
On 19th, Dec. 2015, they got married in America.