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Since: Feb 03,2016my dream come true
Matrimony ID: SS3358
Category: Remarried
Bride: Guiming
Groom: christopher lubcke
Murray Bridge, Australia

First Contact: Oct 11,2014
First Meeting:Nov 15,2014
Date Married: Aug 09,2015

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Wuhan Oriental Love Consulting Company (ID: P509)
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Chris wrote back to Guiming on 11th Oct,2014.he sent 2 photos of his town and him. Guiming felt very good about Chris, she wrote back ans asked his work and family, Chris wrote back and shared all. and also sent his twin daughter.Chris love Guiming's photos,very beautiful and active. and love the photo of Guiming play with water
they communicated well. Chris flied to wuhan on 15th Nov, 2014. Guiming took him to buy clothes and also introduced her friends to him. Guiming also brought Chris to our Agency on 17th Nov. he wrote an thank-you letter to us.
they married on 9th Aug ,2015 in Australia