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Since: Feb 03,2016Happiness after remarried.
Matrimony ID: SS3357
Category: Remarried
Bride: Harriet
Groom: Antti Salo
Kemijärvi, Finland

First Contact: Jan 09,2015
First Meeting:Jan 10,2015
Date Married: Oct 06,2015

Services Used:
Admirer Mail
Shenzhen Oriental Love Consulting Co. Ltd. (ID: P508)
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The man replied the admirer letter on 9th, Jan. 2015. They changed 7 letters on the website,then met and stayed together for half a month and then change to talk directly. They have video chat privately everyday after the gentleman came back home. Later the man came to Shenzhen and met her for twice again which last a whole month each time ,they got along very well . Then the lady flied to Finland on Oct ,1st ,met the man and his famiyl There had chemistry when they met, and they both feel that they found the one that they want to spend the rest life with.. On Oct in 2015, the lady and the man ,they registered to marry in Finland on 6th, Oct . 2015.