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Since: Dec 09,2015Happiness after remarried.
Matrimony ID: SS3356
Category: Remarried
Bride: Winne
Groom: Randy Owens
Tustin, United States

First Contact: Sep 27,2012
First Meeting:Mar 13,2013
Date Married: Dec 18,2013

Services Used:
Admirer Mail
EMF Mail
Shenzhen Oriental Love Consulting Co. Ltd. (ID: P508)
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The man replied the admirer letter on 27th, Sept. 2012. They changed 9 letters on the website, and then change to talk directly. They often have video chat.
On March in 2013, the lady went to America, and arranged a meeting with the man.
There had chemistry when they met, and they both feel that they found the one that they want to spend the rest life with.
Later after few months, the man came to China to visit also, met the lady's family members and friends.
On December in 2013, the lady went to America again, they registered to marry in Los Angeles on 18th, Dec. 2013.