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Matrimony ID: SS3353
Category: Remarried
Bride: MacyHe
Groom: Charles AnthonyReicha
Bar Nunn, United States

First Contact: May 03,2015
First Meeting:Sep 08,2015
Date Married: Nov 13,2015

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Dear China Love,
I am writing this to share our love story. After traveling to China in September 2015 and eventually traveling to the U.s. in early November 2015 we got married on November 13, 2015. We couldn't be happier and we are seriously enjoying spending our lives together. While I will admit it has been a culture shock for me but we are living through it and making strides to lessen the shock. I am so happy for China Love and especially Gloria who aided us so much in getting together and our eventual marriage. I am very glad for my husband and I know he loves me. Thanks to the United States we have finally found happiness and marriage. I will cherish our memories over the hard-won marriage. I love my husband and love my husbands family and want him to have health and longevity. My husband is good to me although our language communication is not good we are doing very will with the translators we use. Chinese friends envy us as husband and wife and say I did not find love but that love found me. When we came to the United States it wis with a lot of friends blessings and wishes for happiness. This we have achieved and more than I expected. We bless our friends and wish them every happiness and blessings. From my husband, Thank you China Love for I have found the love of my life
Xiu Xiu and Charles Reicha