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Since: Dec 04,20154 years long distance love
Matrimony ID: SS3352
Category: Twists and turns
Bride: Appole
Groom: Mike Davies
London, United Kingdom

First Contact: Nov 19,2012
First Meeting:Aug 25,2013
Date Married: Nov 10,2015

Services Used:
Cupid Note
EMF Mail
Shenzhen Oriental Love Consulting Co. Ltd. (ID: P508)
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On 18th, Nov, 2012, the lady got the cupid note from the man, she replied the cupid note, and from 19th, Nov, 2012, they started the communication. After exhcanged for about 20 letters, they started to talk directly. On the spring festival the man came to Shenzhen in order to meet with the lady, but the lady had some family issue and not able to meet that time. The trip made the man had more understandings for China and wanted to find a Chinese wife more. In the following year they kept the communication. Finally, on 25th, August, 2013, the man came to Shenzhen again and they met in person. They felt very suitable to be together. On February on 2014, the man came again and spent two weeks in Shenzhen to get along with the lady. To see if they are suitable to having a life long time together. Their relationship became stronger this time. On 26th, April, 2014, the man came the met the lady again and they went to Dandong, the lady's hometown, met the lady's family members and friends. After went back to UK, the man wanted the lady go to UK to have a look, to see if she likes the life there or not. And then decided whether to get married. The lady started to apply the trourist visa but got refused. Then they started to considering about the fiancee visa. But not that hopeful to success. So they decided to apply the marriage visa at last. The man came to Shenzhen on 6th, Nov. 2015, then they went to Shenyang together, and married on 10th, Nov. 2015.