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Since: Dec 07,2015Love Story In Hang Zhou
Matrimony ID: SS3351
Category: Singles with children
Bride: Sanjula
Groom: Rodney Bridge
Perth, Australia

First Contact: Nov 13,2011
First Meeting:Oct 08,2014
Date Married: Jul 05,2015

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13th, Nov. 2011, the man found the lady's profile and attracted by the pictures very much, he chated with the lady initially, opened the door of the communication. After that they started to write letters, chat and make phone calls through the system. After a period the man gave the QQ number for the lady in the letter and started to talk directly and also talk by video shares. The man arranged many times for coming to China to meet with the lady, but put off for many times because different issues. At last he came to Hangzhou on 8th, Oct to meet the lady, they fell in love with each other very soon, the man wanted the lady to become his wife. After the man went back to Australia, they discussed about applying visa for the lady to go to Australia to have a look. At first they planned to apply fiancee visa, but as it would take a long time, and the lady wanted to go to Australia as soon as possible, so she changed to apply the tourist visa. The lady went to Australia on April in 2015. The man's daughter and parents like the lady very much also. On May, the man went to Hangzhou again to see the lady's parents. On June, the lady took her daughter to Australia together, on 5th, July, the man and the lady got married in Australia.