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Matrimony ID: SS3338
Category: Other
Bride: Ann Liu
Groom: David Vansickle
Norwalk, United States

First Contact: Sep 09,2014
First Meeting:Mar 09,2015
Date Married: Jun 30,2015

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Ms.Liu is a very pretty lady. She is successful in her career, and she also has many nice personalities that western men admire very much. She and David met on the website in September of the year 2014. They kept exchanging letters for about half a year. Then they decided it was time to go further, to meet in person.

David flied to China to meet Ms.Liu on March, 9th. They both had very good feelings about each other. Ms. Liu showed her hospitality as a traditional Chinese woman. She has made a plan before David came. She put her work aside just wanted to make sure David can have a nice stay in China. She showed David around Beijing. They went to the zoo, the Great Wall and many other places of interest. Ms.Liu knew that David is a great fan of Chinese Kung Fu. She took David to Henan province to visit Shao Lin Si. They spent three days there. David had a great time there.

After this ten days, David thought that Ms.Liu would be a very good wife. He felt so lucky to find this gorgeous woman. He said that meeting her is the most wonderful thing ever happened in his life. He would give up everything just to have her in his life. David wanted to get married. But he is a real gentleman, he didn't want Ms.Liu to make decision in a hurry. He invited Ms.Liu to his country and get to know more about his life. Ms.Liu flied to the USA in May. She stayed there for about a month.

During her stay in the USA, there were a lot of things happened. Just as we always say, it is easy to love, but it is hard to get along. They do love each other, but because of the culture difference, they also had some unhappy times. But every time they had any problem, they chose to talk frankly to solve the problem. They never left the problem to grow, to expand. This helped them to understand each other better.

After this period of time, their love grew, and they decided to get married and spend the rest of life together. David went back to China again in June. He met Ms.Liu's family this time. And with their best wishes, they two got married on June,30th and started their new life.