Married Couples

Since: Aug 08,2016their love survived the long distance and time.
Matrimony ID: SS3334
Category: Twists and turns
Bride: Laura
ShiJiaZhuang, China
Groom: Keith Wadwell
Paisley, United Kingdom

First Contact: Aug 14,2014
First Meeting:Mar 04,2015
Date Married: Feb 15,2016

Services Used:
Admirer Mail
EMF Mail
Kai Rui Mi (Carry Me) Matchmaking Agency (ID: P309)
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Juan and Keith wrote letters back and forth for such a long time before they got married. Their love and relationship is truly built on sincere communication and mutual trust. Keith has a big heart to learn to understand Juan. Juan has an interest to learns keith's culture and language. Though there are misunderstandings in their relationship. Keith and Juan choose to trust each other and insist on their original will. They are each other's missing part and finally become one as a whole.