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Since: Apr 21,2015The loving experience of lady P452638 and man CM 48663222
Matrimony ID: SS3330
Category: Love at first sight
Bride: May Jiang
Groom: Mark John
Edmonton, Canada

First Contact: May 23,2012
First Meeting:May 13,2013
Date Married: Sep 18,2014

Services Used:
Admirer Mail
Cupid Note
EMF Mail
Live Chat
GuiGang TongXin Marriage & Love Consultation Co., Ltd. (ID: P717)
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Lady May who birthed on Nov.1986 became our company member in Aug.2011.May is produced by some friends to be our member.

May’s older sister married with a man from Switzerland. They live and do the business in China. And they also build a happy family in China. Her sister has a boy twins . May often meet her sister’s family in the free time. As she see, her brother in law is a man who responsibility , family oriented , loving children , and respecting female. So May would like to marry with a western man as her brother in law.

Our company also produce some American , Canada man to May after May to be our member. She didn’t meet her fate in the first year.

Our translator Helen help Mr. Mark( birth:11,1980)from Canada to know Miss May by our Admirer Mails , Cupid Note, EMF Mail, Live Chat service to know deeper each other. Because they all speak well English and Chinese . They contact each in private with our assistant. They arrange first meeting in Mar. 2013, then they meet each other’s parents in Sep. 2013. They feel they are right person for each other after meeting and getting together . May went to see Mark’s family in Mar.2014 in Canada . They registered marriage in China and Canada in Sep. 2014 . They held the wedding on 28th , Mar. 2015. Here we blessed their marriage happy forever. We also try our best to help more singer people to find right soul mate in future.