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Since: Mar 04,2016Daisy & Andrew
Matrimony ID: SS3329
Category: Love at first sight
Bride: DaisyDỗ
Groom: AndrewButcher

First Contact: Feb 08,2013
First Meeting:Jul 20,2013
Date Married: Jan 01,2014

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EMF Mail
Live Chat
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Aixin Consultant Service Co. Ltd (ID: D316)
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Dear iDateAsia!

My name is Andrew Butcher, i am hungarian and i knew here my wife who is vietnamese.
I found this site and after the registration i talked with more nice ladies. When i was online in February in 2013, then i met in LiveChat with Daisy. We talked and she was very likeable. We sent pictures to each other and we talked again in LiveChat. We knew each other more and more, and we loved each other. After i travelled to Vietnam and we met on 20. July of 2013 in Ho Chi Minh City. A lady helped us on the first meeting. When i saw Daisy at first time, she was beautiful and attractive and i knew the she will be my wife. We spend together 5 days, and i came back to Hungary, that Daisy and me, we are getting married. And on first January of 2014. we married! Now, we live together in Hungary, in Budapest.

Thank you iDateAsia!