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Since: Jun 24,2015It is interesting to marry a cow boy husband
Matrimony ID: SS3326
Category: 50+
Bride: Zhenying Guo
Groom: monty montya
decater, United States

First Contact: Aug 12,2012
First Meeting:Apr 05,2013
Date Married: Jun 01,2014

Services Used:
Admirer Mail
EMF Mail
Harbin JingShun Translation Consulting Co., LTD (ID: P908)
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On August 23, 2012 after American man Monty read Ms. Guo sent his sincere intention letter, from then on the man reply the first letter to Ms. Guo, then the two people began the sweet love with the help of the translator. On April 5, 2013, after they personal communication 221 letters, the men flew from the United States to meet lady on wuzhou of Guangxi, this meet of two sides feel very good, they went to a few scenic spots in Guangxi ,their personal feelings rapid warmer and warmer in the process of the travelling. After they get along well with each other for 13 days, On April 18, Monty go back to the United States and then two people exchange in private. Mrs. Guo’s English foundation is very good, so they have no language barrier. Half a year later, the men come and to meet Ms. Guo again in Guangxi. This time Monty proposed to help her lover for Fiancee Visa to go to America to get married.

Because of the fully prepare. It is easy to handle the Visa for the woman. May 19, 2014 Ms. Guo fly to Monty city Decatur, Texas and hold the wedding on June 1. At this point, from the acquaintance to get married less than two years of love drew a satisfactory full stop, now Ms. Guo lead a happy life in the United States, and their feeling is very good. They spend the China Spring Festival in 2015.Wish them happiness forever.