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Since: May 08,2015beautiful bride grace and handsome bridegroom william
Matrimony ID: SS3324
Category: Love at first sight
Bride: Grace Tran
Groom: William Kennedy
Brisbane, Australia

First Contact: Mar 19,2014
First Meeting:Mar 27,2014
Date Married: Oct 26,2014

Services Used:
Admirer Mail
EMF Mail
Live Chat
Gifts & Flowers
East Dating of Vietnam (ID: D305)
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When the gentleman read the lady's admire mail and he soon replied it and told the lady he wants to meet her in vietnam .After the exchange of mails and live chats ,the guy flied to vietnam to meet this beautiful lady . They met each other and spent some time with each other happily in vietnam .The guy and the lady kept a good relationship with each other and soon he helped the lady to get the tourist visa to fly to australis to have a visit . Finally , the lady got her visa through the lady's help and they also had a good time in australia.They feel that they are each other's destiny and get married at the end of october ,2014.