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Since: Jan 13,2015Both of them long for true love
Matrimony ID: SS3319
Category: Love at first sight
Bride: Heping Yu
Groom: darrell formaniuk
Edmonton, Canada

First Contact: Aug 04,2008
Date Married: Nov 15,2008

Services Used:
EMF Mail
Gifts & Flowers
Baoding Times Matchmaking Services (ID: P201)
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After Darrel join in this website, he begin to check some ladies' profile. The lady Mrs. Yu get his attention, then they exchange some letters on this website.

It is very difficult to believe that their feeling get closer in a short time, then Darrell come to China to visit the lady. Both of them are very sincere, don't want to play games. They love each other, also get marry at the first meeting, at the same time, they had one romantice wedding party in Baoding. The lady get his visa half years later, now they have a happy and romantic life in Canada.

They also hope all single person can find their love on this website.