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Since: Nov 28,2014Falling in love at first sight
Matrimony ID: SS3308
Category: Love at first sight
Bride: XiaoLan Wang
Groom: jeff jones
oklahoma city, United States

First Contact: Nov 05,2008
Date Married: May 10,2009

Services Used:
Cupid Note
EMF Mail
Baoding Times Matchmaking Services (ID: P201)
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Xiaolan and Jeff met in 2008 , after a few months correspondance through EMF , they finally met in person and decided to spend the rest of lives with each other.

They started to make plans for their wedding after Jeff returned back to USA, he came back to China with his mother in May,2009, and held a romantic wedding under the witness of his mother and Xiaolan's families and friends. Now they are living happily in USA.